Posted by Matthew Proctor on Apr 01, 2020
As you know we recently started a fundraising campaign for the Sovuzwa Educare Centre in South Africa.  We've had a great response, but obviously with the current pandemic people's focus is understandably elsewhere.  The facility is located in an informal township outside of Khayelitsha, itself just outside Cape Town, which has been hard hit by the virus.  The situation in the area is dire, with even water becoming a rare commodity.
I am pleased to advise that we have transferred AUD$595 (less $9 SWIFT fees) to Rotary Club of Newlands, for distribution to the Sovuzwa Educare Centre.  This will make a huge difference to Nomonde and the children she cares for in the Centre, especially in these difficult and uncertain times.
Thank-you for everyone who supported this campaign!
We'll leave the campaign active, for anyone who wants to help out, and re-promote it later in the year once the world has returned to normal.  Thank-you to everyone who has supported this campaign!
Best regards,
International Services 2019/2020