Posted by Matthew Proctor on Feb 10, 2021
We’ve been asked to ‘project manage’ a one-off fundraiser via Wheelchair for Kids for Heroes Day Care – a facility specializing in support kids with Cystic Fibrosis in Rwanda (which is next-door to Uganda, if you aren’t familiar).   We've now kicked off our fundraiser for the Rwanda Wheelchairs for Kids project.  Simply put, we're helping raise enough to cover the manufacturing and shipping costs for 166 specially designed wheelchairs to go to children with disabilities in Rwanda.
We had a very sussessful result from this, with the result so far being: 
We reached our target with GoFundMe$3,130
Donation from Rotary Albert Park$1,000
We have also applied for a District International Grant$1,500
So if that comes through, we'll be able to hand over   $5,630
This is huge boost to the project's total budget of $10,000.  Thanks to all those who helped.  If you'd still like to donate, the link is at
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