Posted by Matthew Proctor on Sep 16, 2021
Afri-Aus Care Inc. | Building Bridges and Strengthening Community
Earlier this month, the Rotary Club of Albert Park and Winds of Hope made a financial contribution to the Afri-AusCare Food Relief program, organised by the Rotary Club of Prahran.

This program is designed to support African families in the community who are experiencing difficulties during the ongoing Coronavirus lockdowns.
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Many Clubs, organisations and individuals contributed, raising $3670 for the community.
These funds were used to purchase essential goods and consumables for the community, and distribution is in progress.  These items include:
62.5 Kg Plain Flour
60 litres UHT Milk
45.4 Kg jasmine rice
300 sanitary pads
50 Kg yellow maize flour
50 Kg fine semolina
50 Kg Pinto beans
12 packets of rice bubbles
10 Kg of scotch finger biscuits
36 litres of sunflower oil
50 litres dishwash liquid
50 Kg custard powder
25 Kg milk powder
4,000 tea bags
30 Kg laundry powder
6 Kg sweet biscuits
The Rotary Club of Prahran and Selba from Afri Auscare extend their thanks to our club and members for the support we've provided.