Posted by Ken Hall on Feb 12, 2023
Further Update - 12th February
  • We have just sold a book to a client who has been trying to buy it since 1973 - 
" In 1973 I read the book review of this Paramaount 12000/13000 series on Japanese monthly magazine of music. After that it has long been one of the books on my want list.  It is my pleasure to hear that this purchase becomes to fund the projects in the local community."
  • And a series of 6 books by Proust for $300 set. 
This book project continues to be a mainstay of our fundraising.
Book Update - 18 January
Thought I would give you an update on what is happening in Ken's world of books
The Annual Book Fair was held at Albert Park College in December taking over $5,400 in sales. A huge thank you to Ken, Helen and Greg who put so much passion into this program. Thank you also to Ann, Jeremy, Mark and Lea who assisted in spruiking the event at the local Gasworks market.  This program is our major fundraising activity and is growing in its contribution. Thanks to all involved.
My estimation would be that sales from books if totalled would be in excess of $500,000 in the time that I have been involved and this does not include books donated to Albert Park College which would be well in excess of $100,000 plus

David Gorman recently picked up 80 boxes of good quality books which will be distributed to Flood Relief victims through libraries and other outlets

John Williams delivered 200 plus children's books to Reading Out of Poverty and we are also in the process of working with another group called 1 2 3 Read  2 To Me. They distribute younger reader books to disadvantaged areas
ABE book sales for December were just under $900 with average price of $59 with one book sold for $300

Adrian and myself went out to North Caulfield where  I sorted through 1000 plus books which were being donated to us by retired academic ( some really stunning Art books).  Helen Harris is in the process of checking the value of these books at the moment and we have already found books worth $150, $250 and quite a few in excess of $50 and we have only scratched the surface. I would estimate the total  value reaching beyond $1500 if and when sold

We have also sold books so far in January in excess of $550 and would expect significant increase before end of month

All of this is possible because of the dedication of previous Rotarions Greig McEwan, Helen Harris, Jenny Grebler, John Williams and Adrian (non Rotarian)

We'd like to thank this group of dedicated workers
Thanks Ken