Posted by Richard Chater on Oct 30, 2021
With lockdown restristions eased RIMERN is now going great guns.  
This week, we sent out an order to a 18year old who has just been released from the foster care system & we’re helping to set up his own secure home. We’ve supplied all his basic needs from a sofa bed to a can opener.  For more details, go to
But we still need volunteers.
Volunteers can undertake a variety of roles within RIMERN from being a driver of either our collection truck or van or being the driver’s assistant – “a jockey”, working in the warehouse, providing assistance to member agencies, their case workers and their clients, answering the telephone, sorting donated household items or doing minor maintenance/repair work, where necessary on furniture. Specialist volunteers are needed to conduct whitegoods and appliance testing, electrical checking and tagging in accordance with Australian Standards requirements. 
Working Bees have already occurred by several clubs.
For further details, see (here) and to complete the Application Form, see (here)