Posted by David Gorman on Jul 04, 2022
RIMERN Progress
To end of May 2022 – 107 deliveries; 339 persons impacted; $143K value.  On track to exceed $150K for 1st year of operations.  An amazing effort and impact.
RIMERN - Drivers & Assistants Needed
After one year of operations using the donated truck services of Phil Young (Rotary Camberwell) - a HUGE 'THANK  YOU' to Phil!! - we are gradually moving towards being self-sufficient on that front. But not quite there yet.
We have the funds in the bank (and another HUGE THANK YOU to Rotary Balwyn for their Centenary Grant of $25K towards that goal) but suitable vehicles are hard to find & relatively expensive at the moment due to the Covid impact on supply of new vehicles into the country. Consequently we are delaying our purchase until we see the right vehicle available at the right price (hopefully some $5K cheaper than currently available or perhaps 5 years younger at our budget level)
In the meantime the Board has approved commencement of hiring a truck on a weekly basis - starting tomorrow, and one day a week thereafter - at this stage looking at Thursdays -  while we assess the demand & utility of the vehicle. 
But this also requires input from YOU, the volunteers, to provide the man-power to drive & pick up the goods - the truck wont do it on its own!!
Whilst there are volunteer teams rostered on to be at the warehouse on Thursdays, it is not always desireable to deplete the team in the warehouse to send them out on the truck. Nor are those volunteers necessarily the ones capable of doing so. 
So we are looking to establish a new roster of Truck/Collections Volunteers.  
If demand is strong enough & we have enough volunteers, we can increase the hiring to 2 days/week (Wednesday & Thursday) with an ultimate aim to cover Saturday mornings as well to ease out the need for Phil & his truck. 
We need to know that we have the one day/week covered for the next few weeks to determine the flow of donations & collections and assess the next step up.  
We have this Thursday covered, but are also still looking for a jockey (navigator & strong assistant) to help Phil; Young on Saturday (09/07/22) morning - first pick up in North Balwyn, so possibly someone who lives on the eastern side (???)
So its now up to all of you to offer just one day over the next few weeks - more 'permanent' commitments will be required once we can establish the regularity & the desired frequency. 
And of course this increased flow of goods into the warehouse is also going to increase the workload on the warehouse worker/volunteers,  so we will need to see these roster hours fully committed too.  
I look forward to receiving your flood of replies!!
David Gorman