Posted by Ken Hall on Dec 11, 2019
Albert Park College - Thanks
I would firstly like to thank the Albert Park Rotary Club for your continued support of Albert Park College. This year one of our AIP priorities has been to build a literacy program for our students to provide support and intervention. This year we developed two year 7 and two year 8 literacy support classes for 2 hours per week. We are pleased to be able to offer this to our students again next year, and are looking to expand the program. I have detailed each of the initiatives below. 
Year 7 
2 x 1 hour literacy support classes for students in small classes.
Year 8 
2 x 1 hour literacy support classes for students in small classes with a maximum of 10 students. 
Year 10 and 11
1:1 Literacy support for students who fall below minimum national standard, a supporting them directly with intervention and remedial skills. 
Additionally across the school we are building a reading culture and this goal is on our AIP for 2020. Supporting this program has seen the appointment of a Liberal Arts Leading teacher, Felicity Stewart who will work with our library and English staff to embed school wide love of reading. 
Lastly, in 2019 we have partnered with Melbourne University to further develop our knowledge in teaching low literacy to adolescents. To support our programs that are mentioned above we have begun to invest in low literacy novels, adapted novels, and audio books to create access for students to build a love of reading. Your contribution will mean that we can continue to build this collection to provide access to all students to build a love of reading and confidence in literacy that will sustain them throughout their lives.   
I thank you greatly for your support.
Hayley Schirmer
Assistant Principal