Posted by John Williams on Sep 07, 2020
Update on Installation of Playgrounds
Thought you could use a bit of good news! Photos of another playground being installed in Sri Lanka, this one from Queens Park in Healesville. You can appreciate that the first site for installation was deemed to small and the disassembled playground had to be transported back to Colombo and be reallocated and then transported to another club to be installed. Transport in rural Sri Lanka is a tough task! It shows the commitment of the Rotary Organisation in Sri Lanka to ensure your work in donating/harvesting/storing/etc is honoured.  For more photos, go to (here)
The playgrounds that were to be harvested over the next three weeks will need some special cooperation to allow them to be saved. The support for RORP continues to expand with more clubs wanting to participate and more playground and more support from the playground industry.
For now
Best wishes and keep safe
Peter Cribb
RC Flemington-Kensington