Posted by Kim Groizard on Apr 29, 2021
Solar Smiles Dental Clinic - 23rd May
After a delay caused by COVID, Solar Smiles Dental Foundation, Melbourne will be holding its first dental clinic on Sunday, 23rd May.  This arm of Solar Smiles will be giving free dental treatment to the homeless and food insecure in and around Albert Park.  
This has been made possible through a strategic partnership with Rev Sophie at St Silas. 
If you would like to donate to this project, go to    All donations above $2 are tax deductible in Australia
I'm looking for a couple of people to help me out with logistics.
  1. Someone who can co-ordinate with Rev Sophie - taking patients names and letting them know the date and times of the clinics
  2. Each patient will be given some lunch & a goodie bag on the day, so a couple of people who would be willing to put these together for us the day before the clinics.