Posted by Kim Groizard on Apr 01, 2020
As you know we are dedicated & committed to our community in Maubisse, Timor Leste.  COVID 19 is scary enough for those of us living in well developed cities. However our hearts and minds are never far away from our Maubisse friends & how COVID19 may effect their (our) community.
It is with this in mind the Solar Smiles team have decided to on donate all our masks, gloves, eye protection, hand sanitizer, hand soap, tissues that we hold in our Maubisse storage unit for the use of the frontline Doctors & Nurses at the Maubisse Referral Hospital to help keep them safe and treating patients during this pandemic.
We understand as donors and sponsors this wasn’t what you gave us money and donations for but hope that you understand and agree that these items might help save lives and at a time like this we need to do everything we can to help support our community. These items are of no use locked away in a storage unit for use next year. These items are needed on the ground now.
This has come at a decent cost to Solar Smiles but once the world recovers, we will start fundraising again and get back on track.  This donation to the hospital does not effect the ongoing toothbrushing program (when schools are running) in our 10 schools, we still have ample supply of toothbrushes and toothpaste.
For more information on Solar Smiles, go to
We hope you understand and support our decision & when everything settles you’ll help us re build again.
Thank you for your donations and support
Kim, Dr Phil & the Solar Smiles team