Posted by Matthew Proctor on Jun 28, 2024
Kyebe Update - June 2024
As we have reached the end of the financial year, I wanted to provide an update on the Kyebe Maternity Clinic in Uganda that we’ve helping renovate over the last year.
We provide regular updates on the project at
The project started a few years ago, but kicked off in earnest at the start of the year when we visited the site and met with the community.
πŸ”” Updates

A huge amount of work has occurred in the first 6 months of this year.
  • January – Our team visit the facility and launch the project officially with the local community (blog)
  • March - The deteriorating roof sheeting and structure removed (blog)
  • April - A temporary ward set up and officially opened by members of the community, Rotary and local Heath Department (blog)
  • April – The first new baby (healthy and happy!) was born in the temporary facility!
  • May/June - Foundations repaired, retaining wall re-filled, and reclaimed brickwork used to create storage areas (blog)
  • June - The internal & external walls have been re-installed and repairs (blog)
⏰ What’s Next?
In the next few weeks, the team is planning on re-installing the roofing structure with replacement sheets and tiles. 
With that installed, the facility will be relatively weather proof, and internals can be sealed and re-painted in preparation for return to service.
This project provides valuable employment to the local community, as well as of course refurbishing a clinic that is critical to the maternal health and wellbeing of the community and wider district.
πŸ™ Can you help?
Thank-you again for all your help and support!
Best regards,
Matthew Proctor
Rotary Club of Albert Park
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