Posted by Matthew Proctor on Jan 05, 2024

Visiting the Kyebe Maternity Clinic

Today we (members of Rotary Club of Albert Park and Rotary Club of Konge-Lukuli) visited the Kyebe Maternity Clinic, in the Kyotera District of south-western Uganda.

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After a 5 hour drive from Kampala (the capital of Uganda), we were met by community leaders and representatives of the clinc (including the midwife-on-duty).

We spent a number of hours with the community leaders and midwife learning more about the challenges of the facility, their current and future needs, and starting the conversation about specific renovation goals and timelines.

This project intends to improve the facility by concentrating mainly on the Maternity Ward that lacks most of the basic requirements for a functional maternity ward.

We inspected the facility in details, including structural aspects, the equipment being used and (lack of) consumable items.

Donations and support can be made via our RAWCS project.

Structurally, there are many issues that need addressing through renovation or reconstruction. These include:

  • Many broken/missing windows

  • Ceiling collapse from a large tree that fell many years ago

  • Repairs to rainwater tank

  • Old/worn mattresses and beds - these will be replacede by sourcing new items from the local community and traders,

As we progress throughout 2024, we’ll provide more detailed updates on progress, plans and activities on site.

A number of fundraising events are planned to be held both in Uganda and Australia to continue towards our ultimate goal for the project.

Accessing Kyebe

We’ve learnt in the past that access to the village of Kyebe and the clinic are cut off during the ‘wet season’ in Uganda, with the only road in (pictured) being flooded for weeks and months on end.

During the floods, even the bridge shown is completely submerged, causing residents to be isolated until waters subside.

This poses a significant difficulty for delivering supplies and consumables to the village.

Next Steps

Working closely together, members of the Rotary Club of Albert Park (Australia) and the Rotary Club of Konge-Lukuli (Uganda) will be creating a plan to start renovations as well as continue with fundraising in 2024.

Donations and support can be made via our RAWCS project.