Posted by Matthew Proctor on Jun 02, 2022
We have recently launched a project to renovate & re-establishing the Maternity Clinic of the Kyebe Health Centre III, in Uganda.

The facility was established in the 1950’s to meet the medical needs of the local community.

The Maternity Ward requires significant renovation to make it conducive for both the new born babies, mothers and mid-wives.

There is need to fix windows, doors, the roof, ceiling, veranda and water harvesting system at the ward, as well as eventually re-equipping the labour unit.

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Improving Healthcare Outcomes

This project intends to improve the facility by concentrating mainly on the Maternity Ward that lacks most of the basic requirements for a functional maternity ward.

The facility is located in Kyebe, approximately 180km south of the capital of Uganda, Kampala. It is close to the northern border of Tanzania, and Lake Victoria.

The closest alternative facility is around 50km away, and is often inaccessible by road due to weather and poor conditions.

Recently the entire area was cut-off for two months due to floods - making the renovation of the facility a critical need for the health and well-being of the local community.