Posted by Ivo Georgiev on Sep 11, 2019
District Grant - Learner Driver Program
We have just received approval for a District Community Grant for the L2P program (see here).  Rotary Albert Park will be supporting Melbourne City Mission in purchasing a new Toyota Yaris that has been quoted for approximately $17,000.
The City of Port Phillip program is currently assisting 20 young people from the local area, serviced by MCM St Kilda office.  Currently about 60% of the program participants live in public housing in the South Melbourne and Post Melbourne areas.  Many of these young people are from single parent families where their mother or father do not own a vehicle, cannot afford the risk of insurance costs in the event of an accident, cannot afford petrol, or have multiple siblings at home.  Many of the participants are from newly arrived families or have been referred through housing services when young people have been experiencing homelessness. 
Rotary volunteer mentors will undergo training by VicRoads and undergo mandatory training with MCM.  For further details, see