Posted by Jim Prokhovnik on Feb 20, 2023

Each year the Rotary Club of Albert Park makes a number of Award for Excellence presentations to Year 6 students graduating from local primary schools.

Recipients are selected by the year 6 teachers on the basis that they have engaged constructively in school learning and other activities; and that they will be commencing Year 7 at a government secondary school the following year. The award is to assist in meeting some of the expenses associated with commencing secondary school.

Members of our Club attend the graduation ceremonies at our five local primary schools to present the awards. As well as the financial prize each recipient receives a framed certificate.

We started making these awards in 1994. After presenting 16 winners at the 2022 graduations, our total contribution to this program has reached $69,400.

Our 2022 Award presenters were:
  • Albert Park Primary School: Lea Ram
  • Middle Park Primary School: Stan & Vicki Teschke
  • Port Melbourne Primary School: Lea Ram
  • South Melbourne Primary School: Jim Prokhovnik
  • South Melbourne Park Primary School: Raelene Hunt
Attached (here) are copies of thankyou letters received from the four winners from Albert Park
Primary School.