Posted by Joan Robison on Mar 13, 2021
Last year, during the lockdowns, little was able to be done except for  packing care bags, and sorting donations that were and are being received.
We can’t believe the donations    Brand new clothing, trakkies. T shirts, bras, undies, cosmetics etc, etc.  We were given boxes and boxes of green and yellow trakkies, which we had to take them out to DIK
We have managed to get into the Unit twice this year.   Basically tidying shelves and making sure stock is plentiful.   At present we need trakkies (grey or black) together with socks.
There are so many donations it appears they are getting g ahead of us.  The project is run very well in so  far as one looks after the finances, Barry Smith has given us his factory to store and sort, Sylvie is the procurement person    All in all we have our specific jobs.    Bronwyn overseers everything 
It is a great ongoing project and the Alfred are so grateful.