Give Polio the Finger
We are getting closer to ending Polio forever.  For as little as 60 cents, a child can be vaccinated against polio for life.  Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone on Wednesday October 16, and ...
Vicki will be painting pinkie finger nails 'purple' on Wednesday 16th and collecting 'gold coin donations' .. preferably $2!  Be brave .. for those who 'wimp out' the fine will be $5 .. no exceptions!  Please try to bring the right change.
What does Give Polio The Finger mean?
Purple ink on the pinkie finger tells both volunteers and the child’s neighbourhood that one more person is safe from the horror of polio.  It is more than a way to identify who has been immunized.  It is a symbol of defiance against a crippling disease and a symbol of hope for a polio free world.  No one is safe until all are safe!
Revised Speaker
Peter Martin of Port Melbourne Primary has had to cancel, so this week we'll have
The Life and Times of President Elect Richard
Richard will give a very brief history of his past, plus a few problems for his upcoming Presidency.