Fiona Nguyen
Voices Victoria
Fiona is a NDIS Registered Mental Health Recovery Peer Coach, and works with Voices Victoria.
Who Are Voices Vic?
Uniting’s Voices Vic is an award winning and research supported specialist program improving the wellbeing and recovery of people who hear voices.  Led by peers with lived experience in hearing voices & mental health, Voices Vic provides dynamic recovery groups and one-on-one support.  Our team also facilitates training across Australia for organisations and individuals who work with voice hearers.
Hearing Voices Approach:
• Hearing voices is a common human experience
• Recovery is about changing the relationship with the voices and transforming the voice hearers’ experiences to acceptance
• The experience of hearing voices is meaningful
• We define ‘hearing voices’ as an umbrella term used to refer to auditory, visual, olfactory sensory experiences, and beliefs that others around them do not experience