Rob Pradolin
Pop-up Housing for the Homeless
The Vincent, Albert Park
For the past 30 years Rob Has lived and breathed residential development. From land subdivisions and medium density housing through to high-rise mixed use apartment complexes, he is fortunate that his career has allowed him to work with people who create communities in these areas.

But it is understanding the drivers of housing affordability and the importance of housing for all – rich or poor – that has ignited a passion to drive change. Through General Management roles with one of Australia’s largest property developers, to working directly with government ministers, policy makers, community housing providers and their support services, he has worked tenaciously to increase awareness that “housing for all” is essential economic infrastructure and underpins Australia’s prospects for stable, long term economic growth. 
Rob is a past member of RAP, and was instrumental to our work at Lakehouse, see (here)